The beauty of round tubes. If you think of a round tube, you will probably think about basic day to day elements that are present in every city. Columns, pipes, handrails… and so many more. We wanted to implement this very urban shape in the design of the bicycle and keep it as pure as possible, without bending any tubes in order to obtain a unique and clean structure. We wanted continuity from start to end. Straight lines, tiny tubes and a double structure, creating clean straight lines and at the same time, a very stiff structure. 

Excellent ride quality. Stainless steel tubes have great balance between elasticity and stiffness. The bike absorbs road harshness while still feeling energetic under pedaling effort.
Durability. Stainless steel is able to handle years of usage, it will never rust or corrode, making the frame very resistant. A bicycle designed to be enjoyed for years of daily usage.
Environmental friendly. Stainless steel can be easily recyclable and repairable, guaranteeing a low environmental impact.

We love and enjoy all the steps involved in the development of the bicycle: from thinking and drawing the design to mastering all the techniques related to the shaping of all the pieces and materials. It is our DNA. The Lunes frame and fork are handcrafted by expert metalworkers in our facilities in Barcelona. We use high quality stainless steel tubes and laser cut parts. More than 74 spare parts are required to build the frame and fork and it takes more than one day to weld all the parts together.

There are many types of weldings used in manufacturing processes. We use Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding which provides a very strong union between the tubes and allows the welder to have a greater control during the process in comparison to any other type of welding. It takes years of practice to master this handmade technique.

A balance between ride performance and urban ride functionality

Why different sized wheels? The big front 24-inch wheel makes the bike feel like a ordinary commuter bike while the rear 18-inch wheel allows you to reduce the bicycle’s length by 50cm.

More control. During your ride you’ll encounter bumps and other obstacles that have the ability to catch your front wheel. Catching a wheel often results in losing control. The larger diameter of the front wheel allows the bicycle to cross most obstacles without causing you to lose control.

Easy to use. A large wheel involves more momentum, which is translated in a smoother and more manageable feeling in the handlebar, making the bicycle easier to ride.